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NASA Previews First Flight of Mars Helicopter

Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars!


Mission control live


Take advantage of continuous live footage and NASA TV Programming for free. Check the calendar for daily program notifications. Leave a comment below to be notified for schedule changes and updates. Subscribe to this blog for more Mars 2020 Perseverance info and NASA live videos.


Get to know Mars Curiosity’s twin rover Perseverance. Take a glimpse of the years old questions. . . did Mars once supported life?

Reliving the launch

Look back at latest leap in Mars Exploration as Mars 2020 Perseverance Mars Rover. Onboard Atlas V 541 rocket. Perseverance was launched July 30, 2020 at Cape Canaveral, SLC-41

Live cam view of Mars surface

A view from Mars. Get front row seat in an actual view from rovers on the Red planet.