Mars Helicopter Attempts 2nd Flight

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Mark you calendar as Mars Helicopter Ingenuity attempts another taste of Marian air on Aprill 22, 2021. With successful First Flight, Ingenuity will take it Higher, Farther and much longer flight time. Below is the checklist of the 3 flights.

Flight NumberStatusDateAltitudeDistanceFlight TimeNotes
1CompletedApril 19, 202110 ft30 sec100° rotation
2ScheduledApril 22, 202116 ft16 ft90 sec
3Scheduled16 ft160 ft90 sec

Scheduled Flight Patterns

For this second flight test at “Wright Brothers Field,” we are targeting a takeoff time for 5:30 a.m. EDT (2:30 a.m. PDT), or 12:30 p.m. Local Mean Solar Time. But we’re looking to go a little bigger this time. On the first flight, Ingenuity hovered 10 feet (3 meters) above the surface. This time around, we plan to trying climbing to 16 feet (5 meters) in this flight test. Then, after the helicopter hovers briefly, it will go into a slight tilt and move sideways for 7 feet (2 meters). Then Ingenuity will come to a stop, hover in place, and make turns to point its color camera in different directions before heading back to the center of the airfield to land. Of course, all of this is done autonomously, based on commands we sent to Perseverance to relay to Ingenuity the night before—source[ We’re Getting Ready for Ingenuity’s Second Flight ]

First flight Altimeter Data

This is the first data that was sent back last April 19, 2021. A clear indication of the helicopter’s ascend and descend operation. 30 secs might be short. But for operators 300 million miles away is good enough that seeing it flew on Mars.

First Flight Milestones

The First Powered Flight on Mars

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity is intended to be a technology demonstrator. The main goal of proving power flight remotely on another planet is completed and did so with high marks. Just like what they say “ships are meant to cruise in the ocean” and so Mars Helicopter is to ride the Martian wind. Taking bolder steps after another is necessary as to validate the technology. “Test till failure” might be. But the benefits of knowing how if fails is as important of its success.

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