Sol 42 NASA Mars Perseverance Rover On Mars photos

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Sol 40 was empty and 41 contains a single image from SKYCAM. Mostly waiting for Mars Helicopter Ingenuity, image drops. Instead, we got the images from EDL cameras. Which is good for I’ve got time to compile the raw images into this video below. Its almost two months since Mars Perseverance Rover touched down Mars. Every time snapshot of the landing presents… still never fails to amaze me. So, in black and white, it’s raw as it can be. Check out below and enjoy.

Pictures is worth thousand words. So, I’m just sharing all photos as captured by NASA Mars Perseverance Rover currently on the Red planet. Photo, crawled using NASA API. Really helpful delivered to my inbox. With additional steps, reflected the structured table into this post. Here’s how you can go back to the technical on how we crawl these raw images as Percy streams it to NASA lend us with the API.

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Raw images from Mars

<table style=”font-family:arial, sans-serif;border-collapse:collapse;width:90%;margin:auto;”idcameraimage820309EDL_RUCAM820310EDL_RUCAM820311EDL_RUCAM820312EDL_RUCAM820313EDL_RUCAM820344EDL_RUCAM820360EDL_RUCAM820361EDL_RUCAM820362EDL_RUCAM820363EDL_RUCAM820364EDL_RUCAM820365EDL_RUCAM820366EDL_RUCAM820367EDL_RUCAM820368EDL_RUCAM820295EDL_DDCAM820296EDL_DDCAM820297EDL_DDCAM820298EDL_DDCAM820299EDL_DDCAM820300EDL_DDCAM820301EDL_DDCAM820302EDL_DDCAM820303EDL_DDCAM820304EDL_DDCAM820305EDL_DDCAM820306EDL_DDCAM820307EDL_DDCAM820314EDL_DDCAM820315EDL_DDCAM820316EDL_DDCAM820317EDL_DDCAM820318EDL_DDCAM820319EDL_DDCAM820320EDL_DDCAM820321EDL_DDCAM820322EDL_DDCAM820323EDL_DDCAM820324EDL_DDCAM820325EDL_DDCAM820326EDL_DDCAM820327EDL_DDCAM820328EDL_DDCAM820329EDL_DDCAM820330EDL_DDCAM820331EDL_DDCAM820332EDL_DDCAM820333EDL_DDCAM820334EDL_DDCAM820335EDL_DDCAM820336EDL_DDCAM820337EDL_DDCAM820338EDL_DDCAM820339EDL_DDCAM820340EDL_DDCAM820341EDL_DDCAM820342EDL_DDCAM820343EDL_DDCAM820345EDL_DDCAM820346EDL_DDCAM820347EDL_DDCAM820348EDL_DDCAM820349EDL_DDCAM820350EDL_DDCAM820351EDL_DDCAM820352EDL_DDCAM820353EDL_DDCAM820354EDL_DDCAM820355EDL_DDCAM820356EDL_DDCAM820357EDL_DDCAM820358EDL_DDCAM820359EDL_DDCAM820308SKYCAM

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