Mars Helicopter Ingenuity prepares first flight

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First Powered Flight on Mars

Hear from the team at NASA as it transcribes the steps in this very first attempt of powered flight on Mars. The window of opportunity opens at the start of April. Once drop on the ground, Mars Perseverance Rover have 25 hrs to fully expose Mars Helicopter Ingenuity to Martian atmosphere and rely for the first on the sun for power. In that time frame Ingenuity has to prove itself it can withstand the atmosphere using it’s own stored energy. Specially testing if can sustain to warming itself through the cold Martian nights.


Like any air assets, it will go through a phase of commissioning. Test all structural integrity and check it’s systems for flight worthiness. 10 days the window for this phase and everything checks out “ok”. Mars Helicopter Ingenuity will soon be taking flight and be the first to do so on another planet. Doing it autonomously and with any real time help.

The first power flight on Mars

This is a great milestone for Mars and Space exploration in general. Everything in the world is a remote environment, it would not be different experiencing this achievement and innovation at it’s best 300 million miles away at the comfort of our homes. This could be the very first attempted on Mars and we are lucky enough to have witnessed it.

Flight on Mars

For over 50 years humans have made numerous mission to Mars. In that 5 decades of exploration, 56 mission have been sent and 7 of which are rovers. 4 of those rovers have been successful and have been covering the Martian soil for 64 km in the span of approximately 23 years. It’s about 3

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  1. Ingenuity is expected to make its first flight on April 11, with the data from that test reaching Earth on April 12, NASA officials have said. The $85 million drone is the first helicopter ever sent to another world and is designed to test technologies for future flying vehicles on other planets. Ingenuity carries two cameras to document its flights, which will also be observed by the Perseverance rover.


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