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… a Mars Rover that is. It’s always good to test drive a car or any vehicle you’d wish to purchase. You know… just to validate the ride and experience the comfort or even the luxury of driving one. Once purchased, it’s even better to take it for a run-in or running-in. A mechanical procedure conditioning a new piece of equipment by giving it an initial period of running.

Just like Bruce Almighty (Jim Carrey) once said… “All this horsepower and no room to gallop”. NASA Mars Perseverance rover is not a sportscar though. It’s not built for speed either. But, it’s just healthy to flex Percy’s gizmos after a 7 month journey and the stress of the landing on a hostile atmosphere of an alien planet. Of course, breaking the jet-lag as well.


A major milestone

Taking Perseverance rover for a spin went well as per team in NASA JPL and this is a necessary steps to calibrate the systems, subsystems and instruments before pushing Percy into its science goals. See below as it pivot one of its wheels. The drive lasted 33 minutes, 13 feet(4 meters), 150 degrees to the left and backed up 8 feet (2.5 meters). Overall distance travelled/mileage is 0.00403891. Not bad for 0.1-miles per hour rover.

Testing the waters

Often times, before dipping into the tub a body of water, we get to temp if the water is ambient enough with our preference. We have reservations in our own state of mind, that making sure we can adapt to the environment or situation that we are about to embark. It’s natural and totally acceptable to gauge our senses and expectation so that we react accurately with the situations ahead of us. Life is full of surprises. It is fitting that we have enough information so that our state can comprehend the current and accordingly calculate the next steps and the beyond.

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