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NASA Mars Perseverance rover is now 273 Earth hours on Mars. About 11 Sols (Martian day). Just sitting on Jezero crater and doing all the checks for the great adventure ahead. For probe, it’s just normal day. But, for a human… if ever were on Mars… not a second will be without a selfie. Or a snapshot of the views of a new and alien surrounding will flood every social media there is.

How could we get that first peek of every photo the Percy took?

Most of us, probably, would get that “front row” passes just to have that first peek. We can’t just wait for NASA Mars 2020 and NASA JPL site to prompt us in our newsletter subscription.

{ NASA APIs } have been generous and let us have that “front row” ticket for free. It is a good way for bloggers and hobbyists alike to play around with code and get that first had snippets of the images that NASA Perseverance rover captured on Mars.

Take note though in the Rover Camera list below, Perseverance is not yet available. But, don’t worry, I got you covered on that one.

FHAZFront Hazard Avoidance Camera
RHAZRear Hazard Avoidance Camera
MASTMast Camera
CHEMCAMChemistry and Camera Complex
MAHLIMars Hand Lens Imager
MARDIMars Descent Imager
NAVCAMNavigation Camera
PANCAMPanoramic Camera
MINITESMiniature Thermal Emission Spectrometer (Mini-TES)

Google apps script in the works

If you know JavaScript Google Apps Script will can surely help you make those postcard from Mars delivered at your will. In the NASA API’s, resources for Perseverance haven’t disclosed yet. But, it is not that difficult to create since we already have the base API URL’s in place with the previous rovers. All we need is to be guided with the available cameras in the rover and the latest Sol it captured.

You can view the code on my github link [ NASA Perseverance Rover image resources API ]. Here’s a snippets of the code in image format.


As fast as I could, this is the closest getting it bug-free. You have the option to schedule this script to run in a cyclical manner. Hope this will be helpful to you.

Thank you for reading my blog. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Subscribe to be notified for more Mars 2020 mission updates which is now safe on Mars.

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