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Tracking the transformation of Mars exploration rovers

We are now in the third month of the year… March… The month named after Mars the Roman god of war. As the ages goes by, the name itself have gone through a number of transformation from different calendar nomenclatures. How the name evolves… NASA’s Mars exploration rover, so did as well.

The phases of transformation

From, Sojourner, the twin – Spirit and Opportunity and then Curiosity. From a compact sizeable buggy on Mars to a long necked rovers…then to an SUV sized science laboratory. The Mars exploration program did went beyond and on each phases a significant leap of the previous. An evolution that went over the expectation and overcoming each challenges of interplanetary exploration.

Extending the scientific reach

NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance rover is now 250 hours on Mars. About 10 Sols on Mars. Stationary as of the moment on Jezero crater. Doing standard operating procedure on systems and health checks. Perseverance rovers is the second of its type. It’s twin Curiosity is already a permanent Mars resident. What’s so unique with Percy is that it is poised to provide a preview on what new technologies could bring in the pursuit of research.

To sustain our understanding of the universe

For us to prosper and sustain our race, we need the knowledge to uncover the answers to our age old questions. For us anticipate the challenges of the future, we need to extend our visions of what’s ahead. Learn from the lessons of the past and move forward with the goals of tomorrow. We humans are destined to forge ahead with our consciousness. We should not forget that we survive our existence on this planet because the fabric our identity went through phases of evolution.

If we desired to extend our existence, we need to embrace that we are part of this one giant ecosystem that is just waiting for us take those small steps. For us to understand it’s framework, we need to seek it’s foundation and agree that the universe is for use seize.

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