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Close your eyes and imagine you are in Mars and alone. You are in the midst of a giant crater of an ancient lake. Barren…all dusts…you are meditating to focus on switching the senses off, except just to hear. How would you describe the Martian wind gusting on you?

How would a probe describe the sound of Mars?

300 million miles away and approximately 20 mins it will take to communicate with Earth. Relaying information and bits of data through a constellation of ground and space assets, senses from Perseverance rover would really take time to get decoded and processed for humans to recognize.

Team an NASA have been generous in keeping us posted with the this resources. Somehow shares the experience of what it’s like to be on Mars. Below is the filtered version (taking out the Rover’s Self-Noise). I Suggest use a headphone to better experience the gusts of Martian air…in audio of course. Just spent quite a time to playback the audio… it felt like sticking out you ear in front of an electric fan…

Perseverance is humming along

In this unfiltered audio, everything is alive and you can hear Perseverance rover’s gizmo is really active. Just indicating the probe is well and just doing some prep for great adventures ahead.

Experience once more

Here’s a brief look on the landing milestone and get to see in clear pixels on how Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover overcome the hostile Martian atmosphere and successfully nailed the precise landing. I know the live coverage is somewhat more of narration from the team at NASA. But, here you go see for yourself that 7 minute of terror as they say.

7 minutes

Nasa Perseverance Rover is now less than 4 days from Mars and it is about to hurdle its greatest challenge yet. After almost 7 months of space travel and at 300 million miles from Earth, it comes down to 7 minutes of intense test with the hostile Martian atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the

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Some us are still reeling from the landing. It was a long wait and finally we are lucky to experience this amazing feat. Perseverance Rover is a testament of our dedication in finding answers… Looking for ways to solve problems… Keep anticipating to what’s next… It’s human attribute that we should perpetuate for us to prosper and be successful in our endeavor. Perseverance Rover may just be a piece of technology. But let us not forget that the word itself is embodying the core that we should be striving in spite of the challenges. Perseverance Rover is just one probe, yet a reminder that this was a collective effort and collectively we are one as well.

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