Perseverance Rover safely on Mars

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The very first image that was sent back by Perseverance Rover on the surface of Mars.

The day is here! Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover touched down and safely set it’s wheels on Mars. Finally, we get into another phase of the exploration celebrate this great milestone. It felt like, not just 7 months and here we are experiencing as Perseverance Rover comes full circle in it’s journey in space.

300 million miles from Earth

Health check

7 minutes

Nasa Perseverance Rover is now less than 4 days from Mars and it is about to hurdle its greatest challenge yet. After almost 7 months of space travel and at 300 million miles from Earth, it comes down to 7 minutes of intense test with the hostile Martian atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the

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Safe landing and rigorously overcame that 7 minutes of terror during Entry, Descent & Landing, was for nothing it the rover itself was damaged. Now on Jezero crater, as planned, the team in NASA JPL is now beginning to run diagnostics of the rover. The first picture taken on the surface on Mars is a very encouraging sign.

Sol 1

Officially, Perseverance Rover, is now at SOL1 at 10 hours old on Mars. Though much of the jubilation is on Earth, for sure it’s a very surreal feeling for the rover on Mars. For the first time feeling the grains and pebbles of the ground of it’s new residence. A surreal experience perhaps and intense system preparation is surely taking place. Anticipating and crosschecking status for the great mission ahead.

Packed for the long haul

Or, should I say, permanent stay. Jezero crater, Mars will not be Perseverance Rover’s new home and better yet, it’s playground. With it bunch of innovative science equipment.

7 Things

It’s a new year and celebration is just beginning. Let’s just think 2020 is just one brief bump, paused a bit to think and we are our way again. We’ve had some great learning and that’s something we can be proud of continuing on to this year. Top Travel Hacks: Take advantage of this travel

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Relive the highlights of the culmination of the 7 month journey towards Mars. The wait is over but the work had just begun. Touchdown! NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Safely Lands on Red Planet

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