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Mars 2020 Perseverance is getting closer to landing on Mars. Who would have thought in 12 days, Perseverance Rover will be touch down on Jezero Crater and for duration of it’s mission will be it’s research ground for a long time. 12 days is plenty of time for preparation till approach and descent on Mars.

The Descent

Scary, harrowing? You are right and I agree. Just like the most of us are. Like any probes to another planet are. They are all subject to hostile atmospheric entry. Mars, isn’t that friendly. In what they call, “7 Minutes of Terror: How Perseverance Will Land on Mars” is true. This is where the culmination of hard work occurs and will provide key information of the descent.

In this crucial phase of Mars 2020 Perseverance’s journey, keeping the rover safe and integrity intact is paramount. As the probe streaks through the thin Martian atmosphere, it will come in hot. At hypersonic speed, it creates a CO2-N2 plasma and at 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, what better way of shielding the rover with intense heat? is with a “Heat Shield”.

Nothing is complicated there. Of course, in terms. But, when innovation comes at its best. Team at Lockheed Martin is where they excel at. Take a look in the video below for the anatomy of an Aeroshell.


a casing which protects a spacecraft during re-entry.


Simply, Back Shell + Heat Shield

Entry, Descent and Landing

Just three steps. Right? Let us break these down a bit and see for ourselves on the process and how timing plays a key role in getting Percy land on Mars safely…I really love to… To save me, from the “nose bleeds”, it’s better that I show you the animation. Please video below.

    Journey is like a cocoon or a shell

    We all are in a cocoon or a shell. In our own, there are internals that we keep intact and safe. In a way, we are saving something for that instance where we can validate all the preparations. Make or break, in the sense. There this culmination that we kept on tracking for quite sometime. Taking note on each interval… pacing each step and methodically executing those to reach the goal with utmost accuracy…with full anticipation of the challenges that lie ahead.

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