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February 18, 2021 is the day when Mars 2020 Perseverance rover arrives on Mars. Coming 300 million miles from Earth and a harrowing descent to the surface of Mars, it will be epic for all mankind. It will be the most anticipated events for some…not so much for the rest of Earth. But, let us not forget that all effort to build, flew and track this probe is enormous. Many hours spent and great innovation were made to put this endeavor into motion.

With all said and done, it is valid to ask, what’s in it for us(humans or Earth in general)?

Return of Investment(ROI)

Sorry, for the technical term. Don’t worry, I am not going into financial stuff. Circling back to the question, “what’s in it for us?”. Is there any benefit for this missions? Yes, all high tech science experiments are prepared for Mars and yet what we benefited from these. We kept on looking for answers have we every found them?

Sound frustrating. But there are great benefits from these missions. Come to think of it. NASA have been sending several probes to Mars. Each time new technology have been employed. Some are so clever that practical applications are very useful here on Earth. You many not realize most of them are mature technologies that we already reaping the benefits as of today.

Top 5 technology pays off here on Earth

I will not regurgitate every details on these technology. Trust me all of these already exists here on Earth and the best of them, for me, is Carbonating Beer. Now who could top the view of a bubbling beer. Ain’t that something to “chug”?

NASA called such technologies as “Spinoff”. More than 2,000 spinoffs have been profiled since 1976 and you can check them in NASA’s spinoff page. You can view the top 5 spinoffs that’s on Mars 2020 Perseverance as well in this LINK.

  1. Generating Power
  2. Guiding Cars with Tech for Mars
  3. Suturing with Mars-Grade materials
  4. Detecting Methane Leaks
  5. Carbonating Beer

Our journey

Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover’s journey is indeed ours too. The probe is an extension of our vision and hopes to find answers on what’s in Mars and validate technologies on how it can benefit lives here on Earth. Several probes were sent. Failure or Success, there’s no distinction here anymore. For all the initiatives we’ve made have direct and indirect impact into our journey hear on Earth.

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