Chapter 1 – Getting on board

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If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right” – Henry Ford

On course to do something…Or, about to embark on an endeavor…Most of us, if not all, came across this very time-consuming decision of should I? Or, should I not. Often, we procrastinate and opt to, “maybe later”. It’s a familiar pattern and we know deep in our thought something must be done. It’s a feeling of, there’s something good that will come out of it, to whatever actions we are planning or about to take part of.

A lot that could be happening in our thoughts as we go about when to start. There’s a lot of back and forth analysis, anticipation and sometimes consultation. We often confine ourselves to the status quo where we can afford to wait… or, just letting it pass. We could draw up plans, “fool proofing” it just to cement that confidence in taking a path. A lot of backups and contingencies were placed. But we can never get passed on Taking that first step


This is the most difficult and most important phase in every aspect of the journey. Just like…you need to get a bath, yet the water is very cold. Jumping to it right takes a lot overcoming hesitation. So, what will you do? Probably wait for the water to warm up a bit and somehow take a dip when it’s lukewarm enough.

Chess opening has twenty possible first moves. Which one is key and makes a difference in the entire game. If you’re a tactician, you could draw out some calculations just to anticipate the opponents moves. But, then again, you are getting caught of what’s that first move. In a game where winning is defined by moves, it’s crucial to define everyone. There’s a sense of dependency on each succeeding step. Also, there’s this notion that you can no longer undo those previous moves.

“Touch it, you move it”. In a game, you can always bear knowing the previous move was a mistake. The reality of dealing with the next is a necessity and recalculating the strategy is a normal reaction. In real life journey, it is another story. Some wrong moves entails “sucking-up” the consequence… or, perhaps, consequences. Over thinking, often a “sin” in the initial step. A cloud, or, better yet a fog that we must deal with and hopefully crosses through.


The featured photo was the Edward Moss Gatliff Bridge, in Cumberland falls State Resort Park in Lexington, Kentucky. It was a perfect photo taken from the river side, while the water is shallow enough to capture a close frame.

A bridge is a link from a point to another. It’s a symbol of connection and which ends you’re at, the other end is the destination. Often, a mystery and sometimes makes you think if you’re on the right end. Bridges takes on many forms. Some are new, old and dilapidated. New structures are enticing. Somewhat trustworthy. It doesn’t have the first impression of breaking. There are bridges that stood for ages, sometimes looking frail and scary. But, for years it is still serving its main purpose of connecting gaps.

New or Old structures, still, you have this reservation of “Should I cross the bridge? Or, not?”. Same “aura” of hesitation that somehow hinders us from taking any step. The same moment in every journey where there is that certain pause. Not a pause for rest. But a halt where you contemplate on previous and anticipation of what’s next. Again, there is this fog that’s tempting you to backout and encourages you to take a step back now that you’re in the “launch pad” that will take you to the next point.

Now that you are in the onset of crossing the most crucial part of the journey, are you going to sprint through? Or, wait a little bit more?


It’s a comfort word…waiting… It depicts delaying something. A postponement of some sort. It never fails in every aspect of our journey where you get to be lazy. Complacent? maybe…

Each step you take reveals a new horizon. You have taken the first step today. Now I challenge you to take another.

Dan Poynter

Walking is a basic dynamic of a human body. The simplest form of motion, and the foundation. It is the transfer of weight from one foot to another. The succeeding shifts are just a repetition of the previous. Iterating each, in itself, is already walking. You can always take pause in this kind of locomotion for the key here is just getting it started. In every aspect of our journey… or, about to take a new process. We sometimes forgot the “Start” item.

In our thoughts, we know our plan. We know the how of the process. We can even go so far as identifying some key points where we decide. If you picture this out in a conventional flow chart, in it some intricate connectors and even complex decision branches. But, oftentimes we skip the “Start” object. We are masters of our plans, yet lack the initiation part.

“Opportunity knock’s once”…a very popular quote and I really like when the part we follow through it with…”Strike the iron while it’s hot”. There’s a sense of urgency to it. Importance maybe…Let us not forget that time portrays a great role in a journey. “Taking time”…was never an excuse to procrastinate. Time is continuous and once lost, can no longer be taken back. It is given freely for us to conserve wisely. Give it due respect. Remember, waiting is waste. Once you tolerate procrastination, it will hamper your next steps in a way that will haunt you in a way. . .”I wish I could have done it sooner.”

There’s only one solution to overcome and get to that first step…simply…just get on board.

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