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Leaving 2020 behind and forget the sad part…most of it… Looking forward to great and exciting presents for 2021.

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Hello, fellow perseverance trackers! Yes, we’ve gone this far and I’m happy calling you “perseverance trackers”. We are now in the most thrilling phase of Mars 2020 Perseverance journey as it approaches Mars.

New year is all about presents…in my opinion and Percy is about to extend this generous tradition to a planet.

3 gifts

Here are presents Percy is about to deliver to Mars that will immortalize the endeavors and hard work people on Earth have put into. Hoping for future exploration to keep track of and innovate.

Gems from Earth to Mars.

There are lots to celebrate once Percy touches down on Mars. These 5 Hidden Gems Are Riding Aboard NASA’s Perseverance Rover are special and worthy of mention.

  • 10,932,295 names. Precisely the number of names that are onboard and soon reaches their 300 million mile journey to another planet.
  • Finding SHERLOC. As it implies, finding and recognizing it accurately is paramount. Specially, when you’re on another world. It’s a geocache and simply contains “golden” samples for calibrating when studying Martian geo samples.
  • Mastcam-Z’s Calibration Target. Just like a painter’s palette. Capturing the perfect picture of the Red planet, monotonous it may sound, but will definitely takes some more color swatches.
  • Mars meteorite. All the way back home I guess. A slice of Martian meteorite as part of the Supercam’s calibration target. So, will it answer… is it really a Martian meteorite?
  • 2020 equals COVID-19? It shouldn’t be. Instead, let it be a reminder for all that behind the pandemic, there are heroes who persevere in combating the virus. It maybe just an aluminum plate. But, sure last for ages for the rest of the solar system to see.

Did you know?

Much of the attention are with the launch and how magnificent Mars Rover Perseverance is. But, did you know? that aside from the Science equipment on board the rover, it carries with it a plate that will make tribute to all Medical workers who tirelessly combating the Covid-19 Global pandemic.

Farm rocket fuel on Mars

MOXIE Could Help Future Rockets Launch Off Mars

Did you know MOXIE?

I’ve covered this on my previous article and one of the features Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover shall be bringing into Mars. The long term goal of NASA Mars Exploration is one day send heavy equipment for extensive science experiments. Or, eventually sending humans to mars and live there for certain amount of time. Mars has different atmosphere composition and is very hostile for an air breathing

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Round trip samples

It will be an Engineering feat once we pull off a sample retrieval on Mars back to Earth. In the belly of Mars 2020 Perseverance are sample tube caches. Once on Mars and successfully extracted samples. Those will be safely tucked in and waiting for appropriate time to send them to Earth. Talking about sample tubes miles flown.

As NASA have moved forward with the first Mars Sample Return (MSR). The first step is already in progress with Mars 2020 Perseverance. The next phase will be the preparation of the actual pickup for its eventual return to Earth.

Progress on the move

We indeed are amazing species. In spite of challenges we still managed to be innovative and moving forward. That’s what we should be. Resilient in the face of obstacles and persevere even more to attain our goals.

Mars 2020 Perseverance may still be far away until Mars. But, make no mistake, 80% on it’s intended destination is pretty close in space travel. February is already next month. So, much to expect and to be excited about.

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