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Imagine you’re in a convertible driving in a highway at 70, 80 or 140 in some countries. Or, in an SUV at same speed. Blazing through asphalt like running from a patrol car could be exhilarating experience. Maybe you can hear the sound dragging against the wind the sound of friction with the tires burning on top of the road. Sound’s quite loud and at the same time fun. But, just a word of advice. You can break speed records. But, please don’t break traffic laws.

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Do I hear crickets?

Mars 2020 Perseverance is 100 days out from the Red planet. We’ve been following this explorer for quite some time now. I’ve never realized, it’s now December. Launch was loud with the rocket’s roaring through to sky. Shifting from different rockets and the clunking sounds of detaching stages could be discernible. But, it’s interesting to find out how does space sound while your cruising through it’s vast void of space.

Where is Perseverance

Tracking Mars 2020 probe is basically virtual as of the moment. Virtual in the sense, we can only derive it’s location in as it cruise into space to rendezvous with Mars. I’ve posted a post of its relative location in the void of space. Top Travel Hacks: Take advantage of this travel tips that could

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Where is Perseverance now?

Still six months out till Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover touches down Martian Soil. But, what good is our tracking if we can’t locate where the rover’s ride is now on its journey to Mars. Can we track, the Mars 2020 craft even still in space and on it’s path to Mars orbit? Top Travel Hacks:

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How to track Perseverance

Still on it’s quarter distance to Mars and 5 months to go. Mars 2020 still cruising in space. I’ve covered two articles on identifying Perseverance’s location in space. Here’s another approach to get that same information, distance traveled from Earth and relative distance left to cruise till it reaches Mars. If you are into coding

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It’s December and here’s a treat for you…for the Perseverance fans out there of course...Spoiler though, it’s not loud as you might expect. But, it’s not crickets either.

How can we hear space?

Well, it’s not the complex I guess and we can use a microphone of course. Not so fast “Einstein”… Space is void and physics 101. . . sound is a continuous vibration that picked up by an auditory medium. For just humans the ear. With Mars 2020 Perseverance, it would be with EDL microphone.

Percy : Good vibration is all I need

The first to be rigged with microphones, the agency’s latest Mars rover picked up the subtle sounds of its own inner workings during interplanetary flight.

As sound pass through solid objects, when picked-up by any electrical component and sometime converted into an audible signal. As part of routine check conducted during an Oct. 19 in-flight checkout of the camera and microphone system that will pick up some of the landing drama at Mars’ Jezero Crater early next year. Looking good and Percy is healthy as it nears Mars.

“rather have it and not needed, than not have it and needed”. There so much we could attached with Mars 2020 Perseverance rover. If we could only, bring all science collection device available t Mars. The microphone has it’s purpose though. Some team in NASA might think the EDL version many not be tailored for Percy’s mission. It may capture the audio upon entry, descent and landing on Mars. Or it may not. But, one thing is clear all information collected is vital and will be used to next batch of explorers’ advantage.

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