What is a Meteorologist

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…on Mars?

Meteorology – the branch of science concerned with the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere, especially as a means of forecasting the weather.


Meteorologist – an expert in or student of meteorology; a weather forecaster.


Mars 2020 Perseverance could be the first of many on Mars. Percy will be the first Astrologists and could someday bring the first powered flight on Mars with Ingenuity. Although, we can’t set foot humans on Mars, just yet. . . We can settle for the moment for a Robotic Meteorologist.


as·tro·bi·o·lo·gy (/ˌastrōbīˈäləjē/) – the branch of biology concerned with the study of life on earth and in space This is not your typical research paper and Science homework. I’m sharing you an amazing step of Mars exploration. Where in, we dedicate a mission…a Rover in that matter, for such a goal. Curiosity equals Mars Science

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When Percy touche’s down on Mars, it will be sending stream of data contains weather reports and forecast. Though, it would not be your typical TV weather-caster. To be the first to “live-stream” on another planet is an achievement.

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Not to Cold, Not to Warm, just right…

We are not looking for that “Goldilocks” region. Feeling the Mars’ atmosphere is the key to any future missions. Specially, when setting-foot humans on the Red planet. It will a temporary home to future human missions and reading the cyclical environment on Mars is very important. We don’t want future human explorers left out in the cold. Or, sizzling in a warm weather wearing pressurized suites.

A network of Mars Meteorologist.

We are excited for Percy. But, let’s not forget the eldest twin, Curiosity, who is already there. Already doing Meteorological collection. Together with InSight lander, and soon joined by Percy, will be a network and streams bytes of data in various locations. Scouring each volume of atmosphere of Mars for weather patterns.


The Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA) collects atmospheric measurements that will provide a regular weather report from Jezero Crater on Mars. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. 

Where is MEDA located

Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer – the instrument behind the weather data with the goal of collecting your basic weather parameters for forecasting. Such as, temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, and relative humidity.

You can check Mars weather data on following links

Insight’s weather data

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) – Curiosity’s weather data

Getting ahead with the dust storms

Mars, is barren on the surface. Unforgiving weather, hostile atmosphere, erratic winds and a lot of dusts. Let’s not forget how how terrible are those tiny speckles on the solar panels with Spirit and Opportunity rovers. Though Mars Perseverance will not be dependent with Solar energy for power. Those dusts can be a menace to those moving parts…internal and external mechanical parts are not immune to these “dust devils”. With networks of weather data, might be valuable in evading them and plot routes for safe exploration.

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