Midway to Mars

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Where is Perseverance? Or, Where is Perseverance now? Halfway to destination brings more encouragement to continue the journey. From ranging to actual pacing of each of those steps comes down to a milestone worth pronouncing.

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Where is Perseverance

Tracking Mars 2020 probe is basically virtual as of the moment. Virtual in the sense, we can only derive it’s location in as it cruise into space to rendezvous with Mars. I’ve posted a post of its relative location in the void of space. Top Travel Hacks: Take advantage of this travel tips that could

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Where is Perseverance now?

Still six months out till Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover touches down Martian Soil. But, what good is our tracking if we can’t locate where the rover’s ride is now on its journey to Mars. Can we track, the Mars 2020 craft even still in space and on it’s path to Mars orbit? Top Travel Hacks:

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How to track Perseverance

Still on it’s quarter distance to Mars and 5 months to go. Mars 2020 still cruising in space. I’ve covered two articles on identifying Perseverance’s location in space. Here’s another approach to get that same information, distance traveled from Earth and relative distance left to cruise till it reaches Mars. If you are into coding

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Mars 2020 is now at the midway with of its journey to Mars. It’s not too long ago since we’ve launch Percy, and here we are at halfway point. Not surprising for a spacecraft traveling at 60,000 miles per hour. Cruising through space was is very fast. There’s no hurry though, for we still have another 140 million miles to take.

Not a straightly path

Straightly is the shortest distance between two points. Yes, it is true. But, in interplanetary travel or transfer is not. Earth and Mars both revolves around the Sun. Briefly speaking, everything in the solar system is in the Sun’s gravitational domain. In so, path that Mars 2020 takes is curved with this influence.

Spacecraft’s health

This is a not a scheduled visit to the doctor. Not even a visit to your Dentist. Although, you may want to skip. Mars 2020 performs checks regularly. Let us not forget. Mars 2020 is an entity of multiple science instruments. Percy is housing some of the sophisticated and dedicated equipment for experiments on Mars. As matter of fact bringing with some of the first. Mars helicopter Ingenuity. Performs battery checks and uploads instructions vital to it next half of its journey and codes for its safe approach, entry and landing on Mars.

what would it take to communicate with Mars 2020 spacecraft?

The direct answer is Deep Space Network. It is a worldwide network of US space communications facilities situated in 3 locations. This is a collection of ground facilities and space probes orbiting Earth and in this aspect on Mars as well.

At current Mars 2020 distance, it would take almost 2.5 minutes to communication with a spacecraft through Deep Space Network. It’s not that much. But, at 100 million miles a part it is very crucial. This can even more exciting comes arrival, entry and landing on Mars.

a long distance call with Mars 2020

MEDLI2 sensors are installed on the Mars 2020 heat shield

Performing checks and sending back and forth instructions to get those health status are one of the key aspects in making this mission a success. Already at its midway to Mars, still has a long way to go. This is already a milestone and the closer we are to that Zero(0) point distance, the more this communication get’s tougher and challenging. That’s whey Mars 2020 making sure it get’s the “ping” and send’s the respond it a methodical manner.

Just recently Mars 2020 Perseverance team had a good reply from the Mars Entry, Descent, and Landing Instrumentation 2 (MEDLI2) suite onboard the spacecraft, which is currently en route to the Red Planet. A game changing technology making sure Mars 2020 can talk properly with Earth. The test validated the the sensors were intact and survived the launch and is withstand the harsh condition of space.

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