Rocker + Boogie

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Do they even come along? How can a Rocker…do Boogie? Or, the other way around. I’m just throwing some interesting music questions. They may not jive. But, I’m pretty sure they are like “Peanut Butter and Jellies” in the Mars Rover design. By the way, the title was intentional just for fun.

Hello! Fellow Perseverance Trackers, here’s another fun fact of the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover mission. We are not going to transcribe any tunes here. Not even going to name some. Instead we are going to take a peek on the mobility feature of Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover. We are going to have a quick look and see the brief detail where this low key design plays a big role in making Percy flexible in the Martian surface.

rocker-bogie system

Mars 2020 Wheels

The title was for fun. This is the serious side now. Mobility is everything for Mars Rover. Every since Sojourner set tracks on Mars. This classic design plays a very important role. It’s always been anticipated the Martian surface is not all the time flat. It’s going to a diverse terrain. Rovers in the sense are designed to overcome those terrains with utmost respect.

The rocker-bogie system offers Mars Rover the mobility it needs. While, protecting the electronic suites that is vital to its intended mission.

“rocker” is the design to keep the Rover balanced in going Up or Down on a terrain. It’s a basic differential design perfect for remotely controlled probes expecting adverse terrains.

The term “bogie” comes from old railroad systems. A bogie is a train undercarriage with six wheels that can swivel to curve along a track.

Not just for Roving

Wheels and mobility are key part in this system. But, the “rocker-bogie” system was chosen and designed to absorb shocks during landing. We have to remember that, Mars 2020 Rover will be hanging over a tether during its final descent on Mars. So, those system will make sure it can withstand the pressure even in a controlled descent. Come to think of it, the “rocker-bogie” system should protect those 6 wheels as well. They are tough.

We already know that Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover’s design is mostly Curiosity design. Learning on its twin’s 23 km distance traveled. The intention is to sustain its mobility for longer duration. Even longer than Curiosity’s

Speed is not always king

We can always argue, to be fast is the better way to get a destination. It’s true for certain cases. Faster is better. . . yes. It’s same analogy between a Sprint and a Marathon. Which is which? … that depends. Keeping pace is relative and of course we always keep in sight on the objective. But, we should never forget, how we draw up the plans and the execution to take us to that goal. Because in the end… it is not about the destination…but the Journey.

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