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as·tro·bi·o·lo·gy (/ˌastrōbīˈäləjē/) – the branch of biology concerned with the study of life on earth and in space

This is not your typical research paper and Science homework. I’m sharing you an amazing step of Mars exploration. Where in, we dedicate a mission…a Rover in that matter, for such a goal.

Curiosity equals Mars Science Laboratory


Curiosity is the closest resemblance to Mars 2020 Perseverance rover. The foundational design is based entirely with Curiosity. As a matter of fact, Percy was build on spare parts form the Mars Science Laboratory rover. Physically, this small SUV sized robot, is a mobile Science laboratory on Mars. Perseverance and Curiosity could be twins. But, with mission objective, they are distinct.

Mars Rover Curiosity and Perseverance

I have posted 3 blogs intended for Tracking Perseverance rover towards Mars. We’ve gone through past missions and laid out the items that brings us to Perseverance. In all of the facts, we can see the obvious that Curiosity and Perseverance are, basically, the same . . . Physically. But, are they? We are going

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Perseverance IS AN astrobiologist

Perseverance could be demonstrating some “firsts” on Mars. Be the first to be performing Astrobiology on the red planet is one of them. It’s packed with tools, purposely to search for clues for past life on Mars. Come to think of it, this the basic tenet of the Mars exploration. But, designating a rover for such is amazing. Just imagine the rover’s Science laboratory setup, on top of the various samples packed with it to conduct those Astrobiology experiments, is very cool.

Preparation involves everyone

Building a rover is not easy feat. Even if it based on existing framework. Still, takes a lot of hands just to build. Launching was a one off thing. But, let’s take look on how Perseverance was flown into space. Let recognize the individuals who made everyone works in unison to achieve a goal.

We may think that this is just one of those NASA projects. What’s in it for us?Why bother paying attention to such expensive robot? It’s a valid question and I think Mars exploration is just part of the series of missions where we seek to understand our nearest neighbor in the solar system. There’s still a lot to learn from our very own Earth. But, why not take that step in knowing Mars. Is it not of great benefit to Earth knowing the nature on how Mars evolved as a planet? It may once supported life…Or, it may still be in the process of supporting life. In any other way, will help us in achieving the ultimate goal of being a multi-planet species. If not multi-planet species, will help us realize that Earth is so precious that it will take everyone to sustain its integrity for future generations.

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