Perseverance Valley

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Both a milestone and start of even greater endeavor. . . This is how I describe this Martian location. For brief background, this is where Mars Opportunity rover sent last Mars post card to Earth.

After traversing the Martian surface for over 42 km(a full marathon). The rover’s last message was rather sad. But, optimistic in the sense. It took the Martian night sky with the setting Sun. Optimistic in the sense, that for a mission intended for just 90 Sols was stretched to a remarkable 5,352 Sols(5,498 Earth days).

Travel on Mars

At an average speed of 30 meter per hour plus a driver hundred miles away from Earth, Mars rover can’t cover much distance. Since the 90’s rovers have roam the Martian surface and took photos and sent to Earth. But, how much distance they’ve traveled so far? Recording 76 km of Martian soil, here’s another

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Comes new morning with a rising Sun

Perseverance valley maybe a sad destination. But, this is just the beginning. As a matter fact, Perseverance is still on its way to Mars. Opportunity(Oppy) may have broken all Mars rovers records, with distance covered. Its end is just the beginning of even greater endeavor.

Let’s not forget that Percy’s twin is already underway and even in this moment. Trekking the martian valleys and summits. Ranges of craters in the same magnitude that Opportunity once traversed.

Valley and Rover named Perseverance

Perseverance valley is targeted gully in the Endeavor crater. It was expected to be a fluid-carved gully, probably water. The gully was named Perseverance when Opportunity rover reached that location in 2017. While, Mars 2020 exploration rover was named in 2020 after a “Name a Rover” essay contest launched by NASA. With 28,000 entries received, Perseverance was named by a Virginia middle school student.

Coincidence, it may seems. But, I’m thankful that Perseverance was the name.

Perseverance – persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

Despite the challenges and hindrances, success is still achievable. How distant may the goal. It does not cloud our objective and means to execute the difficult tasks ahead. Perseverance may just be a name. But, this is a good guiding principle for us. . .not to let go of our dreams. . . not to be distracted with negativity. . . not to despair on failures. . . and most of be proud of each steps how little each of them are. Looking in the greater picture, you’ll never know, you just took a great leap.

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