How to track Perseverance

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Still on it’s quarter distance to Mars and 5 months to go. Mars 2020 still cruising in space. I’ve covered two articles on identifying Perseverance’s location in space.

Where is Perseverance

Tracking Mars 2020 probe is basically virtual as of the moment. Virtual in the sense, we can only derive it’s location in as it cruise into space to rendezvous with Mars. I’ve posted a post of its relative location in the void of space. Top Travel Hacks: Take advantage of this travel tips that could

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Where is Perseverance now?

Still six months out till Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover touches down Martian Soil. But, what good is our tracking if we can’t locate where the rover’s ride is now on its journey to Mars. Can we track, the Mars 2020 craft even still in space and on it’s path to Mars orbit? Top Travel Hacks:

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Here’s another approach to get that same information, distance traveled from Earth and relative distance left to cruise till it reaches Mars. If you are into coding and tracking Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, this approach would be familiar to you and some very convenient to you.

This method is taking advantage of the API that is currently on showing the live cruise info on NASA Mars 2020 page.

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NASA Mars 2020 API

You can use the URL below for the live cruise info. Clicking on the link will open a new tab showing the data below image.

Real time logging and automated API call

What if you need to keep track and log these cruise info daily or whatever frequency? Here’s an actual implementation I’ve done for this sole purpose and fun. In Here, I have a real time cruise info feed directly into a Google Spreadsheet I’ve setup. You can see the miles(and km equivalent) with respect to distance traveled from, and to travel to Mars.


I cannot embed the actual script here. You will have to follow the link of the file in github. Again, the base script is from the NASA Mars 2020 website. I just tweak the code to fit my tracking needs.

You can customized this a little bit and implement with html. You can’t embed a custom javascrirpt in wordpress. But, this approach you can implement with Google Apps Script. You can have this same configuration as an email notification.

Hope this interests you and was helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Subscribe and be notified for more Mars 2020 mission updates, and from time-to-time, helpful tips. For more Google Apps Script tips, visit my blogspot on this LINK

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