Why Does Perseverance Need a Twin

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Did you know that Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover have a twin? And if so, why build a twin? What’s the benefit of having a redundant system on Earth when you already have launched the other and in route to Mars?

Before that, let’s do a quick track on where is Perseverance now. Based on yesterday’s information. Mars 2020 have cruised, almost 2 million miles in space. Wow! Now that is awesomely fast!

Where is Perseverance

Tracking Mars 2020 probe is basically virtual as of the moment. Virtual in the sense, we can only derive it’s location in as it cruise into space to rendezvous with Mars. I’ve posted a post of its relative location in the void of space. Top Travel Hacks: Take advantage of this travel tips that could

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Percy’s twin

Speaking of Mars 2020 Perseverance rover’s twin, what comes into mind is, Curiosity. It is, in the aspect of engineering design. Perseverance rover is entirely based on the Curiosity rover. As a matter fact, most of Perseverance’s parts were from Curiosity’s spare.

Mars Rover Curiosity and Perseverance

I have posted 3 blogs intended for Tracking Perseverance rover towards Mars. We’ve gone through past missions and laid out the items that brings us to Perseverance. In all of the facts, we can see the obvious that Curiosity and Perseverance are, basically, the same . . . Physically. But, are they? We are going

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Why does perseverance need a twin?

Remember when Mark Watney (Matt Damon) was stranded in Mars and had to unearth. Or, “unmars”, Pathfinder to use it’s communications link to send a message to Earth that he still alive?

That approach doesn’t tell the entire purpose. Instead, the twin system left on Earth is designed as test bed before implementing procedures in the actual system in the remote planet. In this case, for Perseverance rover which will be soon on Mars.

Earth-bound Vehicle System Test Bed (VSTB) rover, as JPL calls it. Will be a medium to gauge the rovers response before patches sent to rover’s on Mars. Specially helpful in troubleshooting issues encountered after landing on Mars.

If Perseverance have a twin did Mars Curiosity has also?

Percy’s VTSB/twin is called OPTIMISM(Operational Perseverance Twin for Integration of Mechanisms and Instruments Sent to Mars). And with Mars Curiosity, its called MAGGIE (Mars Automated Giant Gizmo for Integrated Engineering)

You can read more about Percy’s Earth-bound Vehicle System Test Bed(VSTB). Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Be sure to subscribe to be notified for future articles.

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