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Tracking Mars 2020 probe is basically virtual as of the moment. Virtual in the sense, we can only derive it’s location in as it cruise into space to rendezvous with Mars. I’ve posted a post of its relative location in the void of space.

Where is Perseverance now?

Still six months out till Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover touches down Martian Soil. But, what good is our tracking if we can’t locate where the rover’s ride is now on its journey to Mars. Can we track, the Mars 2020 craft even still in space and on it’s path to Mars orbit? Top Travel Hacks:

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Lets just home in to the tools we could use to track Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover’s relative position. All resources are from NASA and it should be precise.

Speed and Distance covered

As of September 6, 2020 and a month passed its successful launch. Mars 2020 is now 65 million miles from Earth and less than 230 miles till it arrives on Mars. You can view the real time numbers on this link (Where is Perseverance now?).

Track the Spacecraft’s Flight

eyes.nasa is the closest tool we can have as far as tracking Mars 2020 Perseverance rover in physical form(in digital representation, I mean). See the full view experience. What’s the good thing about this app, is that. You can experience other Celestial object and how it’s projected in real space setting.

On the apps search bar, you can search for your any solar system planet, comets, asteroids and even past probes how are now beyond the solar system.

Tracking Perseverance YouTube channel

I’m launching a YouTube channel giving you another perspective of the trackingperseverance.com site. In this channel we can view full experience of the Mars 2020 Mission updates. Subscribe to this blog to be updated for future articles and videos as we go into Tracking Perseverance on its journey to Mars.

Tracking Perseverance YouTube channel

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