River on Mars

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This is a very trivial question and it need due answer. When exploring a distant planet, looking for signs of life. . . or, if it once supports life is the goal. Various space faring countries and agencies have all been racing to find answers. NASA have sent multiple missions just to find the answers on Mars. The latest mission would be the Mars 2020. In it, Perseverance Rover, will be joining previous rovers/landers who have traversed and may even be still pacing the martian surface looking for answers.

Water is life

Of course, it is. The life and blood of any organic entity. This is the staple for any organism to sustain existence. On Earth, water is a necessity for survival and which every humans need to sustain that 60% of the body. It is also a key requirement for growing our food.

On Mars though, the “Life” aspect is yet to be discovered. But, water? In its liquid form? There’s none so far discovered. Instead traces of it were found. And, of course, water in its components (Hydrogen and Oxygen) it does exists on mars. As a matter of fact NASA sent with Perseverance Rover MOXIE to collect and harness a component of water which is Oxygen.

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Did you know MOXIE?

I’ve covered this on my previous article and one of the features Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover shall be bringing into Mars. The long term goal of NASA Mars Exploration is one day send heavy equipment for extensive science experiments. Or, eventually sending humans to mars and live there for certain amount of time. Mars has

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Ancient lakes and rivers

When there’s a lake a water flows with a river. Since its discovery in 2007, Jezero crater was identified as the landing site for Mars 2020 mission. Perseverance rover will be exploring this crater once hosted a lake. Percy will investigate the Sediment layers and clay formations in the basin hoping to chip away one of the many answers of the question “Is there water in mars?”.

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Jezero crater Mars

jezero – is a village and a municipality located in western Republika Srpska, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In several Slavic languages, jezero means ‘lake’ Jezero, Bosnia and Herzegovina Welcome to another edition of trackingperseverance.com info-graphic. Here we are going to dig into the details and numbers of Mars 2020 destination on Mars. First,

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Here’s a direct comparison on how River fans formed on Earth and how it relates to same formations on Mars

“Canals” found on Mars

Even before the advent of high-tech probes, Mars was an intriguing planet as observed here on Earth. One of such was on 1877, when an Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli, produced the first detailed map of Mars with a notable features called “Canali”. Although a misinterpretation, but, it lead to other Astronomers to follow his steps.

What if Mars. . .

What if Mars did had water? Will this change are perception that life exists on other planets other that Earth? Or, what if Mars still has water… what would be mankind’s next step in Mars exploration?. Are we going to fast pace the goal of setting humans on the Red planet? If there’s water is it drinkable? There are tons of question can be drawn out in tracing water on Mars alone. Come to think of we are just scratching the surface and we only covered a portion of the 144.8 million km² of it.

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