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Mars 2020 Perseverance rover still less than 6 months away from Mars. We still have a lot of space miles to traverse before we could see Percy on the surface of the Red planet. Rover on Mars is an incomplete statement . . .I agree and you might as well. The phrase has a lot of meaning in it. Let me go through some of the 3 meanings this statement carries with it. So, me briefly discuss the trio, I see, as the key in arriving to a Rover on Mars.

Legacy of previous missions

Mars 1M No.1, also knwon as  Mars 1960A and Marsnik 1

The very first attempt of probes intended for Mars. Although, designed to study interplanetary environment between Earth and Mars. The probe was deemed failure. But, this is a very good example of first of the series of small steps.

I’m not going to take you down history and lay out the past missions. It’s a known fact that many space fairing nations and agencies have sent probes or landers on Mars. Both, successful and sometimes failed .

Roughly 60% of all spacecraft destined for Mars have failed before completing their missions

This is a testament of humankind’s endeavor to know the answers on decade old question. . . “did Mars once supported life”

These missions are not just a symbol, or, an attempt to establish pride and prestige. Instead, a continuous process of providing flow of answers. And as answers were uncovered, new questions surfaces. It’s a never ending cycle and requires due diligence of planning and precise calculations.

We can make it possible

Every time I come across a space exploration topic. JFK’s famous quote will zapped through me.

We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard…

John F. Kennedy

It serve’s right through why we continue to strive to find answers, innovate and do great things to benefit not just the present. But, the future minds who will solve the challenges the previous struggled to find solutions.

We shouldn’t be held back by doubts and the daunting executions for us to achieve the goal of finding the answers and even setting a human on the surface of Mars.

Perseverance joins other rovers on Mars

A picture perfect view when Percy joins other rovers on Mars. Although, they are bound to a different landing spot. How amazing it would be if Mars 2020 Perseverance rover traverse the Martian surface and who knows, might follow the tracks of its predecessors.

We all know rovers have a planned days on Mars. But, history tells us that most of these rovers exceeded that. Taken for example Spirit and Opportunity. The first twin rovers sent to Mars. Both were planned for just over 90 Earth days. Unexpectedly, Spirit spent 6 years and Opportunity 14+ years. What’s more exciting, is that, Percy will be setting the exploration bar higher with Mars helicopter Ingenuity. Soon, it will not just be Rover on Mars. But, Flyers on Mars as well.

A Journey to Mars

Let Mars 2020 Perseverance journey be an inspiration for us. A journey to a distant neighbor maybe far fetched for an average human. Impossible it may seem. But, let’s not forget Perseverance is no longer just a rover. But, a goal that defines how we put our best forward even at the most challenging moments in our life.

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