Mars Rover Curiosity and Perseverance

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I have posted 3 blogs intended for Tracking Perseverance rover towards Mars. We’ve gone through past missions and laid out the items that brings us to Perseverance. In all of the facts, we can see the obvious that Curiosity and Perseverance are, basically, the same . . . Physically. But, are they?

We are going to compare Mars Curiosity Rover and Perseverance and see what makes them similar and distinct from each other at the same time. I’m not really a space genius. But, lay out my insights about these two rovers. Before that let’s view some quick videos on the key features of each rovers. Note: I do not own this video. Just sharing the material adding my insights through this article.

2 key features both rovers are identical

1.Rover’S body

Also, known as The WEB – Warm Electronics Body. It is important to note that both of these rovers houses some of the most sophisticated science equipment. Just like a human body, it has to keep it’s vital organs safe and free from the harsh outside environment. Which in Mars, is tough and is cold.


Housing and keeping the electronics cozy from the cold Martian weather is not possible without the energy to power and operate them. The Perseverance, Percy, should be thankful to its twin rover Curiosity. It will be using much of the latter rover’s backup parts. Utilizing A Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG), left over as a backup part for Curiosity during its construction, will power the rover.

Now, they are physically, the same. Some attributes might differ measurement wise. But, what makes Perseverance(Percy) so special and very distinct with Curiositys? And, why devote time and money to build and let alone send a similar rover that will do the science that have been done currently?

4 New exciting features I like about Perseverance Rover

1. Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment (MOXIE)

It’s a fact that NASA won’t be stopping with Percy. Each of the mission/rovers is foundational to next. The experiment on board Percy is a 1% model and well test the capability to product Oxygen using Mars atmosphere. The Oxygen produced will be used as propellant in Mars Ascent Vehicle(MAV) for sample return.


2. The Arm

This 7 foot robotic arm consists of 5 actuators as joints and offers 5 degrees of freedom. The “Hand Turret” houses the valuable tools for collection samples. Studying the geology and mineralogy of Mars is challenging and NASA made cool names to make it easier. SHERLOC and WATSON. SHERLOC as the helper and WATSON as the eye on the “Hand” functioning as a lens as it drills through rock and solid targets.

3. Sample Handling

As a mobile science laboratory, sample handling is a challenge. Storing and analyzing them free from contaminants that would dilute its natural state. On board Perseverance is a unique method to address those challenges and keeping in mind of preserving them for future missions to pickup. It’s cool though for it consists of 3 approaches.

Now we are at the number 4. I’m saving this for last for this is my favorite. I’m not bias. Above mentioned attributes of the Perseverance rover are cool. But, nothing cooler about this technology demonstrator they are about to put in Mars.

4. The Drone, Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

The first powered flight ever, if Percy landed on mars. Again, this is a technology demonstration about the possibility of powered air flight in Mars. But, before it could prove its worth on Mars. It has to survive 3 phases of its Journey to Mars:

  1. Launch from Earth to space. Several Rovers have proved is durability on board a rocket and escaping Earth’s orbit. Ingenuity has to survive same amount of G’s the rovers did.
  2. Travelling through space. Space could be void. But, make now mistake, it is harsh an unfriendly. Temperature and Radiation are just some the hostile force space can give to you.
  3. Entry to Mars atmosphere. Mars atmosphere is much thinner that Earth’s. So, when Mars 2020 mission enters Mars atmosphere, it will be coming in fast and hot.

Let’s take a look on the what inspire NASA to build and develop Ingenuity Mars Helicopter.

More of the Mars Helicopter

Now Boarding

It was May 2019 when I booked this from NASA’s website. I got curious and loved the idea of space exploration. I was fan when they sent the the Curiosity rover. I was amazed with the technology and the approach of sending an expensive and fragile piece of equipment into a hostile environment(or perhaps planet).

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Did Mars support life?

It’s no secret that humans are curious and most of the time skeptical about this question. Most of us need proof before believing and latching into a theory. We are only bound with technology. With the progress we’ve had is no consolation for we Persevere on those small steps it took to get us here. We should strive to be better and learn of those small steps and hope for the future endeavor perpetuate those small steps.

Ingenuity or Creativity, might take us there. But, let’s not forget Perseverance. For all our Journey, challenges and even failure occurs. And we should not be hindered by those. Thank you for reading and write your thoughts on the comment section below. Subscribe to my blog for more articles on Perseverance Rover.

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