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It was May 2019 when I booked this from NASA’s website. I got curious and loved the idea of space exploration. I was fan when they sent the the Curiosity rover. I was amazed with the technology and the approach of sending an expensive and fragile piece of equipment into a hostile environment(or perhaps planet). Packed with various Science test equipment, the rover was a milestone and I would be proud to say that I’m one of the passengers. Not physically. But, of all the billion of humans on earth. I was one of the 10,932,295 names in the stenciled onto a silicon chip.

So, I booked NASA Mars July 2020 launch towards the Red Planet. The Perseverance Rover lifted off last July 30, 202o at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Onboard the Atlas V (AV-088) rocket, estimated arrival at Mars on February 18, 2021. The rover will spend one Mars year (about 687 Earth days). I’m hopeful the rover will be running longer than that. Basing on previous rovers who spent more than there expected mission days.

What’s new?

Perseverance Rover will be much more awesome it’s twin brother Curiosity. Aside from the cool high-tech science equipment, it will be exploring Mars with a drone. Yes, a flyer and they call it The Mars Helicopter Ingenuity. This would be the first powered flight on Mars. Although it is expected to fly up to five time during its 30-day test campaign, still a feat that no one have attempted before. At 3 min flight time it could cover larger areas faster.

The Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

What’s in it for me?

Well, I’ll be awarded the most miles in a frequent flyer program. When Perseverance Rover lands on Mars, I will have more than 300 million miles and a mission patch from NASA. Whooping! 300 million miles. I can travel anywhere on Earth for free with those miles.

Although I’m not setting foot on Mars, the Perseverance Rover is NASA’s way of giving the public an opportunity to send their names on a silicon chip onboard the Mars Rover. This would be a great milestone for human kind in its ultimate goal of sending actual human on the Red Planet. These are just small steps to get to that “big leap” we are heading into being an inter planetary species.

If you have signed up for this Mars 2020 Name to Mars, you can check your boarding pass on NASA’s send your name to Mars website. You can even sign up for the next flight. The mission has no name yet. Flight Reservations are now open. So, got get signed. I already have.

Relive the launch coverage

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